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Working from a home studio, Theresa records with a Neumann TLM-102 microphone, uses PNR in Studio One and finishes files with RX 10. She is a member of the Audio Publishing Association. She uses narration coach Carol Monda and acting coach Maria McCann. She completed the 21 Targets Audiobook Challenge with Matthew Lloyd Davies at Narrator.Life. And, after taking Master Classes at Deyan Institute, she is also on the Deyan Talent Roster. Click to Theresa’s Findaway Voices, ACX demos, and APA Audiofile Profile

Johnnie Bernhard – Author of Sisters of the Undertow, A Good Girl, and How We Came to Be

As a traditionally published author of Upmarket Fiction, my novels are character driven. It was my good fortune to find voice talent, Theresa Bakken to narrate my audiobook, Sisters of the Undertow. Theresa’s voice made my characters come alive! I must have listened to fifty or more auditions; when Theresa read the first chapter, I knew she was the one to narrate this novel!  As we worked through the recording process together, I discovered her other skills, including professionalism and a strong work ethic. I did not give her an easy book to narrate, there are many characters in varying age groups, as well as Spanish and Danish words with complex pronunciations. She perfected it!  It has been my pleasure to work with Theresa Bakken.

Jay Levy – Author of Planning for Survival, The Great Retirement Conundrum

When it was time to bring my book “Planning for Survival; The Great Retirement Conundrum” to an audio format it was initially a fairly overwhelming experience. Going through ACX between a Friday afternoon and up until the following Monday morning, I received “5 minute” samples from over 160 people. In listening to almost 100 narrators, I whittled the selection to the top 10 who were all very good. There was one person however who stood out in her narration, Theresa Bakken! Remember a financial literacy and planning book is not the most exciting subject matter to most people, which made Theresa’s reading of it even more spectacular. Her ability to recite the stories with just the right amount of pauses, voice inflection, and emotion was simply amazing. While my book had been in print for about 3 months prior, listening to Theresa tell the story made me feel that the book for the first time actually came to life. I can not thank her enough for that. I would strongly urge anyone who is considering publishing their work (whether fiction or nonfiction) in audio to reach out and have her “audition” for them. I promise, you won’t be sorry. 

Tali Asnin Barel – Author of Beneath a Glass Bridge

Theresa Bakken caught my attention from the first moment. Her audition, in which she read the first pages of my novel, Beneath a Glass Bridge, stood out above others thanks to her clear and pleasant voice, fluent reading, precise diction, the sensitivity with which she read my book, and the beautiful interpretation she put into its pages. I felt as though the characters I created came to life. My confidence in the choice I made for narrator grew during the time we worked together. Theresa was very professional, combining a vision of the big picture with a focus on the smallest details (such as working seriously on the expression of many Hebrew names). Within a few weeks, through the transition from the written text to the audio version, we became close partners. At times I felt as though during those precious moments of reading, Theresa stepped into my protagonist, Helena’s shoes, and refined her voice. I wholeheartedly recommend working with Theresa and cannot thank her enough.

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