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Survivor's Guilt by Robyn Gigl Ep42 Desideratum

Our featured story is from author, attorney and LGBTQ+ activist Robyn Gigl.  We are talking about Survivor's Guilt, Book 2 in Robyn's Erin McCabe legal thriller series that launches this week. Part of Robyn's writing genius is how she quietly and skillfully introduces readers to things and people around them that they might not otherwise see or understand. You will also hear about: a real person she immortalized in the series, her mental health connection to sports, and why her main character wears lucky socks to court. This story is about the greedy and powerful coming up against the system we call Justice. It centers on how they are ultimately held accountable by and for those they have exploited. Robyn's narrator for the series is Marguerite Gavin.  She is a narrator with 20 years experience, numerous Audie nominations and Earphones awards, and a devoted fan following. Audiofile Magazine says Marguerite has "the coveted ability to disappear as the narrator –  letting the story take the limelight it deserves".  I hope you will visit to save on Robyn’s books and their entire incredible library. Just use the Desideratum Podcast Code DP20 at checkout to save 20%.  If listening to the excerpt hooks you on narrator Marguerite Gavin’s delivery, in a few weeks, you can purchase the complete audiobook at Please use the Desideratum Podcast affiliate link with Doing so supports the podcast and a local bookstore of your choice.  Thanks to Vida at Kensington Books for introducing me to Robyn and as always thank you for listening!   — Support this podcast:
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