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Desideratum is a Latin word meaning things that are desired as essential. Longing for stories to share and wishing for moments with gifted storytellers inspired this podcast. Each episode features a recorded short story or excerpt from an author’s latest book or audiobook, and a conversation with the writer about their craft and what they believe is essential. Tune in to hear an author you love, or to find your next favorite storyteller.

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Forever 51 it's not your daughter's vampire story, with Pamela Skjolsvik Episode 20 Desideratum

Our featured story comes from author Pamela Skjolsvik.  She always considered herself a non-fiction writer, trained to tell the truth, but then one day she discovered she likes to make things up and she's good at it.  She's written a vampire novel called Forever 51 that she says is not your daughter's vampire story. She's funnier than her last name and she's open and direct in surprising ways.  I've been asking authors and everyone else about their COVID pandemic experiences – the silver linings and the losses.  Her experience took my breath away. I'll put more about her and her picture on the Desideratum Podcast website.  Below are links to her website, an article CNN published by her in 2020, and her social media pages.  Thanks for listening. Here is the link to her CNN article about her mother's last days: and these are Pamela's social media pages links:
  1. Forever 51 it's not your daughter's vampire story, with Pamela Skjolsvik Episode 20
  2. Episode 19 Hunting Teddy Roosevelt historical fiction with James A Ross
  3. Episode 18, When the Apricots Bloom with author Gina Wilkinson
  4. The River Maiden Book 1 The Once and Future Series by Meredith Stoddard, Ep17
  5. The Flying Cutterbucks with Kathleen Rodgers and Michelle Williams, Ep16
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