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Desideratum is Latin for things that are desired as essential. The Desideratum Podcast celebrates storytelling as essential – the art of telling and the journey of listening.  Join narrator Theresa Bakken for new episodes every Friday featuring writers and narrators doing what they do best and listen for what each guest desires as essential. 

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What happened After Alice Fell – by Kim Taylor Blakemore, Ep36 Desideratum

Our conversation with author Kim Taylor Blakemore  begins and ends with how her stories come to her – sometimes it's dark.  We talk about gothic tropes, Gettysburg Battlefield ghosts, and the drive to find the voice of a lost loved one.  There are also some big ideas about sibling relationships and mercy.  Kim uses mercy – both how we show it and how we deny it. What you will not find here are spoilers. This historical thriller (with gothic roots) delivers a delightfully uncertain and sometimes weird ride and we deliberately navigated away from ruining it for anyone getting on after us. Enjoy award winning narrator, producer and actress Amanda Leigh Cobb 's performance of the audiobook scene thanks to Brilliance Audio,  Amazon Publishing.  Here is the website for the author Kim called the 'queen of gothic' – Laura Purcell.   As well as Kim's and Amanda's websites   Thanks to author Robert Gwaltney for encouraging me to reach out to Kim. You were right, she's talented AND fun!  — Support this podcast:
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