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A WWII Brave Women Fiction, Book 6, raising profound questions about loss and motherhood. Click to purchase.

Upmarket Family Life Fiction

Clever characters solving a complex riddle near an asteroid belt called The Briar Patch. Click to purchase.

Light Novel, Romance

Part one in a three part wedding series featuring Dawn’s bee-loved characters. Click to purchase.

Historical Fiction Romance

The unlikely romance of a small town Maine girl and a German on the eve of WWII. Click to purchase.

Cozy Mystery

Part of the successful Danger Cover Mystery Series. A murder in a small town has big consequences. Click to purchase.

Wealth Management, Non-fiction

This engaging guide walks you through each phase of your financial life. Click to purchase.

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Desideratum Podcast

Hannah and Ariela by Johnnie Bernhard Ep57 Desideratum

With a cast of many characters, telling the story from more than a dozen vantage points – Johnnie Bernhard takes readers on a journey with a widow and a sojourner in her new novel Hannah and Ariela.  Johnnie's connection to the land, the people, and the history of Texas shine through, but listen to how writing from all these different points of view challenged her and made her "put her ego in her back pocket". We talk about the layers of miracle and faith and we dig deeper into the real life tragedy of human trafficking at the heart of this harrowing fiction.  You can find Johnnie's other award-winning literary fiction novels and more about her – on her website – HERE.  I’ve had the absolute honor of narrating her novels: Sisters of the Undertow, How We Came to Be, and A Good Girl. Finally, you should know, a portion of the proceeds from Hannah and Ariela book sales will go to the aid of victims of human trafficking. A special thank you to TCU Press, and as always, thank you for listening. — Support this podcast:
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  3. Legends & Lattes by Travis Baldree Ep55
  4. A Child Lost by Michelle Cox Ep54
  5. The Lost Book of Eleanor Dare by Kimberly Brock, Ep53
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