Logan Graduation Plans

Celebration in Madison, WI, June 16-18

First Salute Celebration in Angel Fire, NM, July 6-9

Saturday after graduation ceremonies in the stadium, we have a tent at Daly Field and a catered meal. Logan’s commissioning ceremony will be at the tent and he will be in his officer’s uniform for photos until around 2:30-3:00.

ATTIRE – Friday and Saturday events are casual dress for guests. It will be hot. You will not always have access to shade and you will be walking a lot. Bill will wear golf attire. Theresa will likely be in sun dresses, sun hats, and comfortable shoes. Friday’s Formal Banquet is for the cadet and parents only.

DINNER PLANS – Thursday and Friday catered dinner in the event room at the Hampton Inn hotel. Saturday family dinner on post at the Daly Field tent.

FAMILY MEETING SPOT – We have an RV parked at North Dock. We will have beverages and snacks a place to store and change into extra clothes or layers.

The Unites States Military Academy at West Point is the nation’s oldest service academy and has operated since 1802 at the site of the nation’s oldest military post in continuous operation.

Trophy Point:  This is the scenic overlook of the Hudson River Valley.  Trophy point is the location of Battle Monument, The Chain, and numerous displayed pieces of captured artillery spanning from the Revolutionary war to the Spanish-American War.  Trophy Point was formerly the site of West Point graduation ceremonies before the class size became too large in the mid-twentieth century. 

Battle Monument: A memorial located at Trophy Point for the fallen soldiers of the Regular Army in the Civil War. It was dedicated in 1897. The inscription is simple, “In memory of the Officers and Men of the Regular Army of the United States who fell in battle during the War of the Rebellion this monument is erected by their surviving comrades.” 2,230 names are inscribed on it.

The Hudson River Chain:  A portion of this chain is located at Trophy Point.  In the spring of 1778, this heavy chain, supported by huge logs, was stretched across the Hudson from West Point to Constitution Island, during the American Revolutionary War as a defense to prevent British naval vessels from sailing upriver.  

Fort Putnam:  Designed by Colonel (later General) Thaddeus Kosciuszko, this now restored fort was completed in 1778 as a military garrison during the Revolutionary War.  Its purpose was to support Fort Arnold (renamed Fort Clinton) and to safeguard the Great Chain.  West Point never fell to the British but in one of America’s most infamous acts, West Point’s commanding General, Benedict Arnold, plotted to sell West Point to the British for cash and a high position in the British Army.

Kosciuszko’s Garden: This garden is one of the oldest continuously existing gardens in the United States. It was built by Kosciuszko, the Polish engineer who designed, engineered and oversaw the construction of the original fortifications at West Point while serving in the Continental Army.  During his time at West Point (1778-1780), Kosciuszko built this garden for the purpose of “rest and repose.”

Cadet Chapel:  Completed in 1910 and a classic example of gothic revival architecture.  It hosts the largest chapel pipe organ in the world consisting of 23,511 individual pipes.  It replaced the old chapel, which was deconstructed and relocated to the entrance of the West Point Cemetery.

West Point Cemetery: America’s oldest military post cemetery and a national historic landmark. Prior to its designation as a military cemetery in 1817, the grounds were used by local residents for burials, and the graves of Soldiers from as far back as the Revolutionary War can be found here. The interred include distinguished Soldiers, Medal of Honor recipients, astronauts, athletes, and family members. Visitors are welcome seven days a week, year round, from sunrise to sunset.

The Plain:  This is the central cadet parade ground and home to numerous monuments and statues such as Washington Monument, Thayer Monument, Eisenhower Monument, MacArthur Monument and Patton Monument.  

Eisenhower Hall (Ike Hall): Contains the Eisenhower Theater Hall, which is able to seat the entire Corp of Cadets and is second in size only to New York’s Radio City Music Hall. 

Celebrating all those who served in Logan’s family tree

Logan’s Family Service Key

Conley / Link / Mckee Military history list for Logan Donald Bakken USMA Class of 2023,  complied by Constance “Connie” (Conley) Cole 

Lt. Abraham Streeper 1747-1792; Revolutionary War buried Merion Meeting Cemetery 7th Great Grandfather.

Lt Thomas Wynne Revolutionary War Service (Jan 21,1734  – January 1777); He was the Uncle of Abraham Streeper’s wife Hannah Wynne Roberts; He died of Illness and is also buried at Merion Meeting.

William Phineas Streeper 1773-1845; War of 1812 Service; served with his son as rifleman. 6th Great Grandfather.

Abraham William Streeper born 1799; burial unknown served in War of 1812. 5th Great Grand Father.

Patrick Conley 1825-1906 Civil War service. Two services. 14th Regiment Co D 4/23/1861-8/6/1861 and 2ndly enlisted in PA 69th Co. D 8/27/1861-1/31/1864. He suffered a wound from a bayonet at Gettysburg. He suffered from a hernia of the wound later in life. It is understood he was cared for in one of the GAR homes and estranged from his family at the time of death. He eventually died from this wound. He attended the celebration where the monument was placed at the Wall in Gettysburg. They had souvenir hats from the occasion. His grandson George G Conley wears his hat when he proposes to Blanche Renault. He is buried at St. Denis but they have bad records and we still are unable to mark the grave. 4th Great Grandfather.

Charles Thomas Conley 11/15/1895 – 12/10/1918 died Champagne-Ardenne, France; buried St. Denis We have a picture in uniform for him and John Conley. WWI service. Great Great Uncle

John Dunn Conley 1/29/1894-1/18/1963 Navy; buried St. Denis. WWI service. Him, I met and remember. His wife died in childbirth September 1920 with his sin John Jr. Great Great Uncle.

George Renault Conley 1919-1987 He should have multiple wars for service. WWII, Viet Nam, and Suez. Great Grandfather

Benjamin Joseph Cretton 63 Pineapple St NYC. 1895-1918 buried Bony, Department de l’Aisne, Picardie France. Sister Mary. 2nd cousin 4 times removed son of Atonie and Mary their children were in a mission in 1910. He is the Great Grandson of Joseph Maurice Cretton (our 5th Great Grandfather).

Max Ruger 1872-1961: I am told we met him, but I do not remember. He served 2nd Illinois Company J Spanish American War. His pension date is 8/11/1932. 4th Great Uncle.

Bruno Ruger 1872-1946 He is buried in FL has Max as brother, but it is unclear to me where he served. It says NJ 2nd Company F. 4th Great Uncle

William J McKee 6/11/1914-1/2/2005 buried St. Denis Air force WW II and Korea Great Grandfather

First Salute Ceremony

July 8, 2023, 10AM MT

Vietnam Veterans Memorial, 34 Country Club Rd, Angel Fire, NM 87710

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